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Spanish September Newsletter
Published by Kristie Motz on June 3, 2018

Mexican sombrero hat, red chilli pepper and maracas shakers

La Voz
Welcome back to Spanish class! I hope that you have had a chance to practice your Spanish a little this summer! In the month of ‘septiembre’, we will review classroom rules and procedures here at Ashley. We will also review some basic Spanish concepts and phrases so that we can start the school year off confident in our Spanish skills. Since our first full month we will reviewing some basic vocabulary, please remember to check the bottom of the Spanish newsletter for the Spanish study guide so that students and parents can review any vocabulary that we will be using from the very beginning of the school year. Please try your best to come to class prepared, be ready to participate, do all of your assigned work and show your best Ashley behavior! I look forward to a great, productive year in español!
Señora Stewart



Señora Stewart

Spanish Study Guide 2018Spanish Study Guide:



  1. black = negro (NEH-groh)
  2. brown = café  (kah-FAY)
  3. blue = azul  (ah-SOOL)
  4. green = verde  (VAYR-day)
  5. purple = morado  (moh-RAH-doh)
  6. orange = anaranjado  (ah-nah-rahn-HA-doh)
  7. gray = gris  (grees)
  8. pink = rosado  (roh-SAH-doh)
  9. white = blanco  (BLAHN-koh)
  10. red = rojo (ROH-hoh)
  11. yellow = amarillo (ah-mah-REE-yoh)



Buenos días = Good morning

Buenas tardes = Good afternoon

Buenas noches = Good night

¿Cómo estás? = How are you?

Bien = fine, mal = bad, así-así= so-so

¿Cómo te llamas? = What’s your name?

Me llamo ________ = My name is __________

¿Cuántos años tienes? = How old are you?

Tengo _____ años. = I am ______ years old.

¿Puedo sacarle punta a mi lápiz? = Can I sharpen my pencil?

¿Puedo ir al baño? = May I go to the bathroom?

¿Puedo beber agua? = May I get a drink of water?

¿Puedo usar el borrador? = May I use the eraser?

Levántense = Stand up

Siéntense = Sit down

Escucha = Listen

Escribe = Write

¿Hay preguntas? = Are there any questions?

No comprendo = I don’t understand

Repitan por favor = Repeat please

Con permiso = Excuse me

Gracias/de nada = Thank you/you’re welcome

¿Por qué? (pohr-KAY) = Why?

Porque  (POHR-kay) = Because




1 = uno  (OO-noh)                             18 = dieciocho

2 = dos  (dohs)                                       (dee-ehs-ee-OH-choh)

3 = tres  (trehs)                            19 = diecinueve

4 = cuatro  (KWAH-troh)                   (dee-ehs-ee-noo-EH-veh)

5 = cinco  (SEEN-koh)                     20 = veinte  (VAYN-tay)

6 = seis  (sace ‘like face’)

7 = siete  (see-AY-teh)

8 = ocho  (OH-choh)

9 = nueve  (noo-EH-veh)

10 = diez  (dee-EHS)

11 = once  (OHN-seh)

12 = doce  (DOH-seh)

13 = trece  (TRAY-seh)

14 = catorce  (kah-TOHR-seh)

15 = quince  (KEEN-seh)

16 = dieciséis  (dee-ehs-ee-SACE)

17 = dieciseite  (dee-ehs-ee-see-AY-teh)


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